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Ovation’s specialized credit repair processes, credit expertise, and exceptional one-on-one customer service makes us the best in the industry. We are proud that we have had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of Americans correct their credit reports and we’re ready to help you too.


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This by far has been one of the best experiences. Mrs. Stephens has (A. Stephens) been there always to either answer a simple question or walk me through this process. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a little love on their more
Kirby Guinn
22:32 10 Dec 18
I have been working with Mr. Paul Moore via Ovation and he has been very helpful and keeps me abreast of whats going on. I am still nervous about my credit clearing and getting to where it needs to be because I am in the process of buying a home and have seen my score decrease due to this process. However, Paul has assured me that all is well and my score will increase and things will get back to normal. I am looking forward to seeing a positive end more
Marquita Lawrence
19:55 07 Dec 18
Hello all, since 10/ credit was in the 500 range..I was skeptical about ovation, but after speaking with Mr. Paul Moore. I am now looking forward to better days, Ovation has disputed several items and inquiries. I now have a credit card and my scores are rising, I highly recommend this service to Restore your credit. The best hands down!!!!read more
22:34 06 Dec 18
I just want to thank Paul Moore for always staying in top of improving my life.. thank you for keeping me calm all through the process for a better life. Love y’all keep up the good more
A Google User
13:03 06 Dec 18
So happy with Ovation!! :)Kevin Winkler is my case manager. I am so pleased with his efforts and hard work. He is always kind, friendly and answers all my questions. Keeps me well updated with the status. I am very satisfied with the progress. I highly recommend this more
Brenda Dominguez
21:52 29 Nov 18
I can't believe how quickly my credit score skyrocketed thanks to ovation credit services. They promptly replied to any questions I had and made it a very easy experience for me. Ceiria was my agent and she did an excellent job and was friendly and professional. Thanks!!!read more
Jessie Jarrell
17:01 29 Nov 18
Over the last two months with the help of Ovation, I have increased my credit score over 100 points on all 3 bureaus. I went from no way ever being able to get a loan to actually being able to replace my 13 year old vehicle and possibly buying a house. It also took effort on my part but it has been the best decision I could more
Tracy Canup
15:12 28 Nov 18
This company is great! It certainly is NOT TRUE that this company is a scam...Geri is working hard for myself and my partner. They really get things removed off your credit and help you get started to rebuild it by recommending things for you to do. I had alot of medical bills and student loans. I highly recommend this company, its amazing!!!! You won't be disappointed, and there are different payment plans, you even get a discount for friends and family....Give it a try.... You do have to be patient, it is a process and it does take more
Susan Reed
12:40 16 Nov 18
This company is great! Geri is working hard for me and my partner. They really get things removed off your credit and help you get started to rebuild it... I highly recommend them to anyone, amazing!!!! You won't be disappointed, and there are different payment plans, you even get a discount for friends and family....Give it a try.... You do have to be patient, it is a process and it does take more
Susan Reed
12:27 16 Nov 18
I love this place they're doing their best to get my credit situated and they are working extremely hard on this. Yes it does cost money but it'll be worth it in the end if they can get my credit cleared up. I'm going to give them 3 months and if they don't get it cleared up in 3 months then I will cancel it I don't think it should take any longer than 3 months to clear up my credit. Everyone is so helpful and nice friendly and always there to help more
Sharon O'daniel
23:55 15 Nov 18
Very happy with Ovation! Amanda Hines is my case manager and she has been extremely diligent in the handling of my case. They are always available for questions and pleasant to deal with and have worked miracles on my credit score! 5/5 would recommend to anyone who is serious about fixing their more
Josh Stepp
20:51 14 Nov 18
Ovation did such a great job for me . I would highly recommend their service . They repaired my credit history quickly at at a very nominal cost . 5 stars all the way .read more
michael sanchez
19:45 14 Nov 18
Ovation is the real deal. They really helped me get back on track and made a huge difference in my life and finances. Highly more
Jeff Knudtson
19:33 13 Nov 18
My wife and I started in 2016 and purchased our second house this year. The key to our success was patience. We also did a lot of studying on our own about credit and made it our priority to ask Amanda questions. Any responses we get in the mail we send them to Amanda. I will be honest, I was getting frustrated after a year and asked my wife to cancel the service several times, I'm glad she didn't 🙂 . We still have some negative items, but mainly just student loans. We used Lexington Law in the past and they have a pretty nice portal so I'm giving this company 4 stars, they need to update their online portal, I don't like it, but other than that Ovation Credit, Lendingtree did what they said they would...Help us get a house with a low interest rate!read more
Jermaine Watson
20:49 12 Nov 18
They really helped us and the employees were very helpful and considerate. It’s a process but we’re on our way thanks to more
Kathleen Robst
16:28 12 Nov 18
Comprehensive positive support in correcting and updateing credit situation. Very effective and more
Elaine Whited
16:15 12 Nov 18
I admire this companies effort to become more reliable to their customers... I’m hoping to see some results soon.. be patient I guessread more
Jacques Samuel
21:01 24 Oct 18
While, Ovation credit, did nothing for my credit personally, they helped my husband's immensely. He has a fabulous credit rating now. We both have since canceled, I am under my maiden name on this review, so you will not be able to find me. But my husband and I canceled a month or so ago, and they instantly got us all squared away, and were not charged another penny. They work for some and not for others. I guess I can say that about many things. I would recommend giving them a more
Amanda Miller
04:56 18 Oct 18
Ovation cleared out my credit problems in a very timely and professional manner. Highly recommended!read more
Jay Edgar
05:52 22 Aug 18
This is the best Money that I ever spent . They are just awesome and for half the price of the more
Javier Talavera
22:38 12 Aug 18
I had such a great experience with Ovation Credit Services. They were able to clear almost every negative mark off my credit and t went from a 395 to 650. I know it will keep going up if I pay bill on more
Chris Beal
16:16 06 Aug 18
I’ve been using ovation since 5-01 and it is now 5-08 and I’m getting emails from my credit report site saying “your score has improved” I’m up 40 points (yours will vary) and so thankful for ovation and how quick they are!! My consult is awesome my free consultation was super quick and they are so friendly i never thought i would get a quick laugh in over repairing credit. I can not wait to see how high i can get my credit with these people. They even offer discounts to your friends and family for referring them!! I can’t wait to take advantage of thatread more
Brittany Hagen
17:51 08 May 18
Ovation did a good job for me. They were prompt with all actions designed to help my credit score. Ovation communicated with me on a daily basis. They were professional and very nice folks. Thank you very muchread more
hrtthgd gdffgfhx
17:07 12 Mar 18
I have been working with Gerri Swiber for a short time and so far am very pleased with this experience. She has already dedicated a lot of work to helping me and I am already beginning to see some results. She is very professional and I am very thankful to have this program to help improve my credit. Brian Hastyread more
Bethany Blanton
03:34 13 Feb 18
I didn't believe that it could work especially with all the scams out there, but it does work. I signed up last year in January and since then i have had 42 things on my credit either removed or updated to show correctly on my credit report. I now have 3 credit cards, and will be purchasing a house this year!!!read more
Jesse James
18:26 19 Jan 18
Did great work getting old items off of my credit reports. Difficult to get them to stop. Called and was told to send an email. Sent email, still billed me for two more months. Finally got someone to cancel over the phone and still charged me yet another month. Great service getting credit fixed, but horrible at cancelling more
JoJo Smiff
19:38 17 Dec 17