The Best Couponing Apps for 2019

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There are so many apps available today that it can become confusing. Here are the best couponing apps for 2019.

Thanks to the exploding popularity of couponing apps, saving money while you shop has become a much easier, faster, and visually appealing exercise. The days of painstakingly scouring newspapers for paper coupons are becoming a thing of the past — replaced with apps that claim to do the work of finding the coupons, redeeming the offers, and rewarding you with coveted deals. Although you’ll still have to scout the applicable deals and save your receipts, the best couponing apps for 2019 aim to make the process painless and accessible to all, even the newbie couponers among us. To help you in your budget shopping, we rounded up a list of the best couponing apps for 2019.


Ibotta ranks as one of the best couponing apps for 2019, with good reason. Ibotta’s premise is simple and user-friendly. You’ll see a list of the stores in your area offering cashback rebates. You then select the items you wish to purchase, which adds them to your account. Later, once you’ve made the purchase, upload a receipt. You’ll receive cashback in your account within 24 to 48 hours, which you can withdraw to your PayPal account or redeem for gift cards once you hit $20.


For longtime couponing enthusiasts, SnipSnap delivers a platform for you to continue doing what you love — just with a little dose of tech-friendly efficiency. Use the app to snap photos of print coupons, and SnipSnap will convert them into mobile-friendly, scannable offers. All you’ll have to do is pull up the app at the cashier, who will be able to scan the offer right off your screen. SnipSnap also offers a database of searchable coupon offers and featured offers. aims to be a one-stop-shop for your couponing deals. You can link your store loyalty cards to your account and select the deals that apply to you. If your store doesn’t offer a loyalty program, you can still choose from hundreds of deals and receive cash back once you’ve submitted a receipt. There’s also a good mix of printable and digital coupons to appeal to both traditional couponers and the newly converted.


If you’re tired of searching for coupon codes — or even tend to forget that coupon codes might be available —  Honey is for you. When you shop at your favorite stores from within Honey, the app will automatically enter any valid discount codes at checkout. If you prefer to shop on a desktop or laptop, Honey also offers a browser add-on that will provide the same code-sleuthing capabilities as the app.

Coupon Sherpa

You can find a wide range of deals from this standby couponing app. Browse through the plentiful listing of big box stores, department stores, and restaurants to zero in on what you need. You can then print the coupons to use on your own. However, you can also use Coupon Sherpa to hunt mobile deals and coupon codes to use online.


Checkout51 offers a twist on traditional couponing. Similar to Ibotta, you can browse through weekly featured deals and, once you have purchased the item, snap a picture of your receipt. Many of the offers aren’t brand-specific, so for example, one featured deal might be $0.50 back on a bunch of bananas. The app then scans the receipt for qualifying items and deposits cash back rewards in your account. If you don’t already use coupons, this can be a great starter app — since you won’t have to worry about rummaging for coupons next time you’re at the register.

Store-Specific Apps

If your chosen store offers a coupon app of its own, it’s worth downloading to track down even more exceptional deals. Target’s Cartwheel app, for example, offers hundreds of daily offers (the only catch is you need to “activate” the deal before you check out to qualify). Your local grocery store might also have an app of its own that’ll tie in with your loyalty card.

Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Remember that couponing apps are best used to support your financial goals — to save money on items that you would already buy regularly. Building or improving your credit is just another part of a healthy financial lifestyle. To learn more about the services we can offer you at Ovation Credit, reach out for a free consultation here.

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