Fresh Start: Make Sure Your Credit Repair Efforts Count.

Have you been turn down for a loan recently because your credit score is too low?  Don’t worry – it is very common.  It is also becoming very common for lenders to try to sell you on their own special credit repair programs.  Credit repair can be an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience if done the right way.  If you are seeking a fresh start and intend to embark on the credit repair journey, make sure your efforts count.

So how do you make sure that your credit repair efforts count?  For starters, be informed. If you do a little research, you will find many articles discussing credit repair.  You’ll see many articles that claim that you can do your own credit repair.  This is absolutely correct – you do not have to have assistance.  If you do a little more research, you’ll see that credit repair involves procedures that appear simple on the surface, but become more and more complex as the process unfolds.

Make sure your credit repair efforts count by only working with a professional that truly specializes in credit repair. How will you know?  Consider the following:

How long has the entity been offering credit repair services? It doesn’t matter how long an entity has been selling credit reports, or giving credit reports away for free, or making loans, it only matters how much experience the entity has when dealing with credit repair.   Ovation Credit Services has been addressing credit repair and credit report repair issues exclusively since 2004.  Ovation has extensive disputing experience – we have dealt with everything that you can imagine when it comes to credit reports and credit repair.

Does the entity have any expertise in credit repair? Claiming expertise is not enough.  Ovation Credit Services was founded by attorneys that understand the laws and regulations involved with credit repair.

Can you verify the credit repair services offered? Do a search on the company’s name on Google.   What do you see?  Can you find any information specifically addressing the credit repair services offered?  If you are considering spending money on credit repair services with a company that does not have a definitive and verifiable presence in regards to credit repair, save your money.  It is better spent paying towards debts.

Check the Better Business Bureau profile. If the company does not have a profile, has a poor rating, or does not list credit services and/or credit repair as a service offered, save your money.  Companies that offer synthetic secondary credit repair services as an alternative to their primary service rarely disclose these services to credible consumer protection type entities such as the Better Business Bureau.

If you are really looking for a fresh start, and you are considering hiring a credit repair company to assist you, be sure to hire a company that truly specializes in credit repair.  That is the best way to ensure that your credit repair efforts will truly count.


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