Safe Summer Travel: How To Protect Your Credit

The sun is shining, and it’s time to head to the beach. Summer is a great time to travel, and with the warm weather, you may be itching to head out for adventure. However, as exciting as travel can be, it can also have its tribulations. A road trip with friends or family may start out fun, but tight spaces for long durations can bring out the worst in people even if you do enjoy their company most of the time.

If you’re planning a trip, you’ve probably discovered that traveling is the one time when using a credit card can be a good idea. In fact, it may even be a requirement for many hotel and car reservations, as well as a handy way to keep from having to carry a lot of cash, which can be easy to lose. Unfortunately, having that credit card handy for travel can lead to its own trouble.

Protecting your credit card while you travel is essential, and there are several steps that you can take to protect your credit before departing on your journey. First, begin by placing important information such as account numbers and phone numbers in a safe place so that you can notify credit card companies if your card is lost or stolen.

Second, make note of the due dates on your credit card. Most credit card companies will not be forgiving if you forget to make your payment on time because you are on the beach. Either create a secure account to be able to pay the bill online while you are gone, or send the payment early.

Most credit cards have security in place that will prevent you from using the card if they see a trail of purchases moving across state lines. You will need to notify your company before you travel so that you don’t suddenly try to buy gas and have the card declined for a fraud alert.

Although a limited credit card is a hassle, a maxed out card is even worse. It is still important to be careful with your spending. Experiences and memories are priceless, but the damage to your credit can leave you wishing you’d never left home.

Successful travel takes a little bit of planning, and while it’s inevitable you’ll forget something, being mindful of your credit obligations is one thing you should prioritize – before, during, and after the trip.



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