6 Side Hustle Ideas to Start Earning More

By July 18, 2019Personal Finance
There are so many side hustles that you can pick from. But how do you get started?

The online world has made it extremely easy to tutor on your own schedule from the comfort of your home. Start off by offering your services in the area in which you majored during college since it’s easy to market your expertise. Or, if your current job is subject-specific, such as accounting, you can easily transfer those skills to the tutoring marketplace.

Also, consider teaching English as a second language. There are many online websites offering up to $25 per hour to teach students in places like China. Due to the time difference, the hours work well if you have a full-time job during typical office hours in the U.S.

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

There’s a huge market for freelancing online right now, and while specialized professional services are in demand, there are also plenty of opportunities for people without experience in fields like writing or graphic design. One highly sought-after position is a virtual assistant.

This side hustle idea can be done anywhere and involves things like scheduling appointments for your client, loading online content, or paying corporate bills. The key to being successful is to remain organized, be responsive to your clients, and consistently meet deadlines. If you can exhibit those traits, you’ll most likely find the work itself easy and even enjoyable.

3. Rideshare During Your Down Time

If you live in a popular area with lots of people going places, consider signing up as a driver for a service like Lyft or Uber. You’ll obviously need a clean driving record and your car must be of a certain age (usually they make needs to be at least between 2001 and 2004, depending on the company).

The best way to maximize your earnings as a rideshare driver is during surge times. This higher level of pricing is usually around the start and end times of popular events at large venues. You may also make more during rush hour periods.

4. Manage Other People’s Airbnbs

You don’t need to own a vacation property to take advantage of Airbnb’s popularity. Instead, try this side hustle idea to make money by helping Airbnb owners. This can take form in a couple of different ways. First, you can manage messages and reservations, including responding to inquiries and other questions from guests.

Alternatively, you can also be the physical point person to welcome guests, prepare the property in advance of their arrival, and clean the space after they leave. You could also get paid to respond to any on-site issues or emergencies should they arise.

5. Flip Stuff to Sell

If you love to shop yard sales, auctions, and estate sales, then consider flipping your finds for cash. You can either relist them on places like Craigslist or sell them online on eBay or other sites. The trick is to find items that you can buy cheaply and resell for a high margin that makes it worth your time and effort. Obviously, this side hustle takes some start-up cash since you need actual inventory.

Start off slow with a manageable amount of stuff for your budget, then use half your profits to reinvest in new items to sell. This way, you keep some cash to bolster your budget, but still, have a predictable flow of capital to keep your business growing.

6. Manage Companies’ Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media these days, from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest. Businesses with limited marketing resources often look for freelance social media experts to manage their accounts for them. You can usually post on your schedule and apply for part-time positions that fit your skillset. Whether you know how to design a killer pin or write a pithy text that makes people want to click your post, there’s a lot of versatility when it comes to a social media side hustle.

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