The Scam of Mobile Cramming Could Be Hurting Your Credit

Have you been suspicious lately of the size of your phone bill? You may have accepted that hefty bill as a necessary evil of being connected to the outside world, and just paid it with a shrug. But when was the last time you checked through your bill line by line to see where those charges are coming from? If you haven’t, it is a good idea to start doing that from now on, especially if you have been working hard on repairing your credit. You could be the victim of mobile cramming.

Mobile cramming is a scam that has gained the attention of consumers, their carriers, and even lawmakers. It is the practice of companies adding innocent-looking fees to your bill, and Americans are overpaying by the billions because companies are charging for services we didn’t agree to use. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these may show up as generic fees, such as “Activation” or “Subscription”; they are often under headers consumers don’t check, such as “Miscellaneous fees”. They can cost just a couple of dollars a month, but they tend to add up. So, what can you do about it?

Confronting Mobile Cramming

The FTC recommends paying close attention to your bill, as well as unsolicited text messages you receive from third parties, such as horoscopes or romance tips you don’t remember signing up for. Scammers are hoping you won’t notice and will just pay out. The first step is to call your carrier and ask them to explain questionable fees. Some carriers will refund you the money, and some will even cease doing business with the third parties that are caught scamming their customers. You can ask them if they offer a blocking service against third party charges.

Whether or not you get the resolution you desire, the FTC requests you file an official complaint, so they can crack down on this scam. Be a responsible consumer and be on the lookout. Demand an answer about the money you are paying if you don’t understand where it is going.

If mobile cramming has contributed to your financial problems, follow the FTC’s guidelines, and consider a credit repair company like Ovation to help you get back on track. We’re here to offer a free consultation and answer your credit questions. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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