Why Do Ovation Credit Services Disputes Succeed, When My Disputes Don’t?

By September 28, 2010Ask a Credit Expert

Initially, for a consumer to start disputing items on their credit reports it can take a lot of time.  To get started, you will need to order your credit reports, review your reports for errors, and if errors are found, do the research to dispute the specific issues you are having on your credit reports and find out who and where to send the disputes.  You will want to research the credit bureaus and the best way to contact them for disputing. As a consumer you will want to research different techniques consumers have used for disputing information on a credit report and the different laws pertaining to disputing such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  For example, you would not dispute personal information (addresses, employers, alias’, etc.) the same way you would dispute a late payment or an inquiry.  You will need to know how to handle any letters and/or updated credit reports the credit bureaus send back in response to your disputes.  Understanding the dispute process is your best weapon against the credit bureaus and your creditors.  Disputing on your own can work very well when you only have one or two items that need to be corrected on your credit reports. However, if you have more than 3 items per credit report that you want to dispute then it is definitely worth it for you to hire Ovation Credit Services and let us handle all of the hassle for you.

At Ovation Credit Services our disputes and programs are successful because we stay current on consumer credit laws, and economic issues.  We also utilize the newest technology and proven techniques to ensure successful removal of inaccurate credit report information for our clients.  At Ovation Credit Services, our experience (and dedication to our clients) in working with the credit bureaus facilitates the credit repair process because we are more likely to anticipate the tactics and responses of the credit bureau. Members of our professional team have experience in interacting with the bureaus and creditors and have gained insight in regards to efficiently and effectively disputing credit report errors. We understand that everyone’s credit report and financial situation are unique. This is why we offer comprehensive, personalized and proven credit repair programs. When you become an Ovation client, we will customize your credit repair program to your exact credit situation and goals. Click the following link to see our customizable programs to fit your credit repair needs – http://www.ovationcredit.com/services/services.php.

You can count on Ovation Credit Services, for our experience, expertise, and excellent customer service.  Click here – https://secure.ovationcredit.com/Signup.aspx to get signed up today and get started towards a better financial future!

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